DeckerSealing® product line

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Fives DeckerSealing1-FIVES Fives Filling-Sealing

Pioneering solutions based on the overall knowledge of the gluing application process.

55 years of experience and a worldwide presence give Fives a leading position in the glazing business. Continual development for new material keeps being conducted throughout the years.

Proven technologies covering the full range of pumping, metering and dispensing products.

DeckerSealing® product line is made of a wide variety of products to meet the automotive industry needs. Fives offers optimized solutions for customers from simple manual installation to fully robotized processing line.

Cost-effective solutions, ultimate quality of the bead 

The right production capacity and an accurate glue dispensing are Fives’ daily challenge. From the pumping station to the original dispensing nozzle, DeckerSealing® product line is designed and assembled in Fives' factories and installed by dedicated worldwide experts.

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