DeckerSealing Metering/Link/Head systems

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07 2014 FFS head-FIVES

Based on single shot or continuous process combined with mass-flow meter technology, DeckerSealingTM metering technologies can fulfill the most demanding customers' requests in terms of accuracy and bead quality.

DeckerSealingTM equipment are made of high pressure connecting hoses. The working temperature and the material and thoroughly selected by our skilled experts according to the glue characteristic.

For manual and robotized application, DeckerSealingTM product line offers a wide range of manual pistols and automated dispensing guns.

Heating nozzles are available for high temperature control. These guns include DeckerSealingTM original compliance solution which reinforces the quality of the glazing process.

With a nozzle speed which can reach 500mm/s and a glue flow up to 2.2l/mm, this equipment can meet the highest production capacities.

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