RapidCharge® L-AC filling machines

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RapidCharge® L-AC is  a stand-alone air conditioning charging unit. 

Fits a large variety of new refrigerants

Ultimate technology based on permanent improvement, developed as a cost-effective and ultimate solution for critical filling process such as refrigerants. RapidCharge® L-AC machine is designed for a large variety of new refrigerants: R134a, R445a, R404a, R600, R407C, R290, R410A, R717, 1234yf, 1234ze,  R744

Compact and heavy-duty design

Strong design based on proven heavy duty components to meet industry’s reliability and maintainability requirements. The ultra compact design is particularly adapted to low and medium production rates, KD and pilot plants, and repair area.

Proven and cost-effective solution

The same range of components is used for most processes to facilitate operator handlings, and to optimize maintenance and life cycle cost.

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