RapidCharge® L filling machines

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07 2014 FFS FillingMachineL-FIVES

Confronted with particular needs such as CKD/SKD plants, as well as building prototypes and repair areas, customers need appropriate solutions.

RapidCharge®L filling machines range's design perfectly meets such needs. 

Flexible and easy to operate 

RapidCharge®L machine is available for all types of fluid fill processes. The compact design and the easy-to-use concept are the basis for this “plug and play” filling station.

A large choice of options is available to cover all of the customers’ needs: ABS actuation, barcode reader, printer, etc.

Cost-effective solution

Same range of components is used for most processes to facilitate operator handlings and to optimize maintenance and life cycle cost.

Optimizes filling process

RapidCharge® L machines fulfill the automotive high quality and technical expectations. The design is standard but can be customized to customer requirements: large option choices for filling processes but also ECU actuation, traceability and interface with assembly shops and vehicles.

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