RapidCharge® MR-MRF Charging Unit

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The RapidCharge® MR charging unit has been specifically designed for the HVAC industry to fully meet the market demands in terms of performance, price and delivery time.

Designed for new refrigerants

Ultimate technology based on permanent improvement, developed as a cost-effective solution for critical refrigerant charging process.

RapidCharge® MR is designed for non flammable gases: R134a, R404a, R410A, R1234ze.
RapidCharge® MR-F is designed for flammable gases ranging from A2L up to A3: R32, R1234yf, R454, R152a, R290, R600a.

Modular and scalable solution

Thanks to their modular design, the MR and MR-F machines are available with one or two charging cells for one or two gases. Various options available: identification, traceability, flammable gas safety operation…

High performance and cost-effective solution

High-speed and high-accuracy charging to meet the HVAC industry expectations.
Rigourous selection of proven and reliable components, to facilitate operator handlings, and optimize the maintenance and lifespan of the machine.