RapidCharge® S/U filling machines

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07 2014 FFS U-FIVES

Proven technology

Thanks to its specific know-how on fluids, Fives has covered a wide scope for years. Filling | Sealing’s long term experience enables the continuous expertise in customization with the S (S for Special) and U range (U for USA). Proven technologies and integration of customer’s standards, are the key points to successfully manage“special projects”.

Taylor-made solution

Fives is the ultimate partner for customized solutions.
Beside standard product lines, Fives offers customer oriented solutions to fulfill specific requirements such as:

  • In-house safety and manufacturing standards
  • Special applications with unique designed components
  • Local standards, special regulations

Co-engineering design

In tight cooperation with customers, Fives' experts design and manufacture customized solutions. The large customers base proves Fives’ capacity to handle projects with strong constraints in terms of compliance with standards.

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