RapidCharge® T-range testing solutions

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Tightness of parts, components or circuits is a key quality criterion in industrial manufacturing processes. Fives tightness test solutions are based on experience, expertise, and  preliminary tests.

Fives' first objective is to understand customer’s constraints. Finding the optimized and customer-oriented solutions is the daily challenge of Fives' engineers.

Complete testing process management

From leak test to electrical test and functional tests, Fives offer complete industrial solutions based on proven technologies and standard design.

Pioneering technologies

Using different tracer gas such as Helium or Hydrogen/Nitrogen, together with state-of-the-art detection technologies, Fives’ equipment are a step-ahead in alternative pressure and tightness test equipment: ultimate accuracy and optimized process cycle time.

Cost-effective and eco-designed solutions

Tracer gases such as Helium can be recovered and recycled, thus optimizing gas consumption and costs. More, Fives’ solutions are eco-designed and include low energy consumption process. 

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