The automotive market tends to significantly reduce project duration by anticipating and decreasing commissioning time. Therefore, car manufacturers' top requirements are high degree of flexibility and responsiveness. 

Continuous investment in Research & Development and established lean production are also key success factors to deliver and install the equipment rapidly.

Fives ultimate solutions to answers the market's needs

To meet the need for flexible, optimized and ultimate solutions, Fives offers a wide range of modular equipment along with a long-time expertise. Project-oriented, Fives' engineers use software modeling to shorten the start-of-production schedule .

In response to environmental constraints, such as the level of automation vs. labor costs and service proximity, Fives offers a wide and complete range of equipment (standard or specific) and a local presence worldwide which guarantee the longevity of the equipment installed.

Both RapidCharge® and DeckerSealing® product lines were designed and developed under high standard rules fully integrated into Fives' processes.


RapidCharge products for the automotive industry

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