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A long-time expertise in fluids and circuits to meet specific needs

Special vehicles companies need a partner able to offer an extensive range of ultimate solutions for tightness tests, vacuums and filling. With specific process and technologies, they face specific challenges which request a particular expertise and knowledge.

For decades, Fives has developed an ultimate expertise in pressure, vacuum tightness tests, evacuation and filling as well as sniffing processes through its RapidCharge® product line. Fives’ global solutions are based on a comprehensive understanding of special vehicles customers' needs, and in-depth analysis of their products and processes.

Proven technology, ultimate solutions

Dedicated to 2, 3 and 4 wheelers, RapidCharge® product line includes a wide scope of filling and testing solutions based on ultimate and proven technology. 

From stand-alone production units to turnkey systems connected to plant networks, Fives' equipment offer each customer the most adapted solution to its need, and helps optimize the performance of the plant. With complete and flexible solutions for multi fluid combo filling stations, Fives’ solutions optimize on line-process and particularly fit high capacity production plants focused on environment, looking for clean and lean manufacturing.

Pioneering and flexible solutions

RapidCharge® technology also covers a wide range of refrigerants, such as HFO 1234yf, R134a, CO2, AC6, R404a, R410, R407, R600a and flammable gasses, including alkane derivatives like Butane and Isopropane.

With a long tradition for pioneering solutions and understanding customers’ need and constraints, Fives can also adapt the existing technologies and develop special machines to ensure high quality process.


RapidCharge products for the special vehicles industry

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