Diversification: filling solutions to match varied markets

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Against a background of massive investment, due in particular to the introduction of Hfo gas in Europe and to the dynamism of the market in China, Fives is undergoing development through its provision of filling systems which provide perfect solutions to problems encountered in non-automotive markets.

Products for a number of fields are now assembled under conditions which are extremely demanding in terms of production rate, cleanliness and finished quality. The market for non-automotive vehicles (industrial and site machinery and agricultural machinery) is highly specific in terms of its constraints. These include, for example, the need for high levels of technical competence, something which usual suppliers cannot always provide. In addition, manufacturers’ expectations often go beyond simply supplying test or filling equipment.

With thirty five years of experience to call upon in fields which include the automotive sector in particular, the Filling | Sealing activity has succeeded in adapting its basic hydraulic, vacuum, filling and leak-testing equipment to fields as varied as HVAC, defence, household equipment goods or special vehicle applications. Working in true partnerships with its industrial clients, Fives offers complete solutions, bespoke support services and unique expertise for process validation and reliability. These solutions are built around the problems that customers are faced with.

Optimization of operator times and optimized site installation ensure the profitability of clients’ investments. Other aspects of this approach are the addition of peripherals to equipment and complete worldwide service provision, guaranteeing maximum levels of performance.

“We’ve demonstrated that we can provide the necessary flexibility, innovation and anticipation of our client’s needs, allowing us to adapt to the constraints of new markets. The basis of our approach is our technical skills and know-how, which are widely recognized in the automotive sector.”

Commercial & Marketing Director