Fives is sponsoring "Course en Cours"


As part of its partnership with the University of Technology in Nantes, Fives was a sponsor for a mini car race!

"Course en Cours" is an innovative educational competition to create the vehicle of the future!

High school students compete in teams and have to design, build and test an electrically powered model race car over one year. They use  the same tools and technologies as engineers and professionals in the automotive sector.

On May, 22, Fives Filling & Sealing, a company leader in the supply of fluid filling, test and sealing equipment to the automotive sector, was invited to watch the mini racing cars run and support the students involved.

Filling | Sealing experts, members of the jury, visited the car booth, attended the race and awarded a prize to the participating teams!

Fives is committed to help young people to prepare for their future, to inspire and insite them to work within industry.