Fives trains Toyota's Maintenance teams


Firstly I wanted to send my thanks for the support arranging and hosting the training.
I believe it was very successful and all our members benefitted significantly.

Daniel Nelson - Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK
Senior Manager

On May, 15, the Filling & Sealing teams welcomed 9 people from Toyota Motor UK, Toyota Motor Manufacturing France and TPCA Toyota Peugeot Citroen (Slovaquia) at Filling|Sealing facilities in Nantes (France) for a special training dedicated to HFO Process.

This activity was part of its Maintenance ShopxShop Hoshin to develop common PM for equipment at Toyota’s European Manufacturing company’s and strengthen members' skills.

In order to become independent and increase their response capabilities, the maintenance team responsible for the RapidCharge® equipment have undertaken their first theoretical and practical training, including:

- Information regarding cycle process to better understand the machine behaviour,

- Maintenance operation on HFO Machine

- Troubleshooting on HFO machine

This training was very positive and the participants’ satisfaction confirmed the trainers’ level and competence.

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