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In order to expand the range of services offered and enhance its position with its clients, the Filling | Sealing activity has set up a dedicated organization on each of its sites. This involves experts with responsibility for certain subjects: replacement parts, preventative maintenance, machine modifications, training and tooling renovation. Today there are nearly forty individuals working worldwide in marketing services for the Filling | Sealing activity. From now on the efforts will be focused on ensuring that the service products match the specific needs of local markets. This will involve three aspects in particular:

  • The development and testing of proposed solutions, in particular through digital monitoring and reliability testing;
  • The development of new tools designed to aid production and maintenance;
  • A suitable range of training, more complete than the basic training, offered as a fully separate, modular service to match clients’ needs and requirements.

Filling | Sealing Service teams work tirelessly to provide an ever-wider range of innovative solutions and a range of services which match clients’ needs.

RapidDiag®, Fives' complete data acquisition system

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Designed for use with filling machines. this self-sufficient system simply connects to the machine, even when production is in progress. There is no need to halt production, which means that clients can optimize their maintenance costs and extend operating time in some situations:

  • In the event of a drift in operating performance, RapidDiag® simplifies location of the fault, using the data collected;
  • RapidDiag® can also be used to carry out predictive maintenance. Depending on pre-defined parameters, the client is alerted to the maintenance operations that must be carried out to prevent breakdown, as well as to the need to replace faulty parts. This minimizes the risk of lost production, while ensuring optimum maintenance costs. For a more in-depth analysis, the Filling | Sealing Service teams can provide client with analysis of the data.

These new simulation and data acquisition systems are also regularly used as part of special developments, in new processes or in specific environments, in order to minimize risk in the design and validation phases.