Service training for Toyota maintenance teams at Fives’ facilities

Formation Toyota2-FIVES

On March 15 and 16, the Filling | Sealing teams welcomed 4 people from Toyota Motor UK at the technical center in Le Bignon, close to Nantes, for a special training dedicated to the maintenance of filling tools.

Adapters are key elements of the process, highly advanced in terms of complexity and technology; their maintenance therefore requires a high level of skill.

In order to become independent and increase their response capabilities, the maintenance and operating personnel responsible for the RapidCharge® equipment attended their first theoretical training. From the second day onward, they have then implemented that training, accompanied by 2 trainers from Fives.

The training progressed as follows:

  • Diagnostics carried out using the RapidCharge® tool kit to identify the failure,
  • Adapters’ renovation: replacement of damaged or obsolete parts, seals and sheaths in the adapters,
  • Tests in the workshop.

The results of the assessment of this training were very positive and the participants’ satisfaction confirmed the trainers’ level, competence, and the quality of the reception facilities at the RapidCharge® technical center. 

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