The E-Cobot Collaborative Robot Comes to Fives


The Filling | Sealing teams of Fives have welcomed into their technical center a collaborative robot developed by E-Cobot, a company based in Nantes specializing in consultancy and the design and integration of cobotic solutions and artificial intelligence.

This initiative arose from the desire to test the latest Fives Twin adaptor, which has a coupling module that can adapt to both couplers for filling refrigerants such as R134a and HFO. The objective: to save time in the machine reliability trial phase, and the equipment can then be tested in conditions that are as close as possible to those at customer sites. The robot has sensors that reproduce the action of the human wrist and simulate coupling/recoupling actions; a highly repetitive activity carried out by operators on a production line. The cobot performed c. 30,000 cycles in one month!

The market is evolving, and Fives is adapting by exploring new technologies to assist clients and respond to their requirements in terms of endurance, ergonomics and safe working environment. Automation is moving in this direction to improve the daily lives of operators who carry out the most arduous tasks, and to minimize repetitive actions. 

However, robots don’t replace humans; they collaborate with them. Cobotics combines the know-how and decision-making expertise of a human being with the strength, endurance and precision of a robot. It enables a human operator to interact with a robotic system. Cobots work closely with operators on the production line, and their sensors permanently scan the environment to detect a human presence and then shut down immediately. 

Fives is using this new application to demonstrate the potential of cobotics in the automotive industry and to, therefore, contribute to the development of technologies for the industry of the future.