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07 2014 FFS Service operation-FIVES

Optimized uptime rate

Customer’s main objective is to keep the line running at the planned rate, and production at the expected quality.
Thanks to Fives' worldwide organization, customers benefit from direct contact with local skilled engineers focused on production, ensuring optimal response time and provision of emergency technical assistance.

Proactive service

Fives' engineers carry out preventive inspections to minimize the risks for production. They bring the right advice regarding optimized maintenance, turnkey renewal solutions and information on the recommended spare parts.

Sustainable operation support

Since 55 years, a high performance equipment follow-up database was set up and has been since then continuously updated and upgraded. Thanks to this tool, all customers’ equipment, as well as the parts originally designed and the modifications carried out since the start of production are known about. This is a great advantage to meet customers’ expectations in the long term.

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