Thanks to RapidDiag®, Renault optimizes its maintenance costs

Filling Sealing Renault Premiere RapidDiag WEB-FIVES

Renault, a long-term customer to Fives, recently ordered its first RapidDiag® diagnosis case. This pioneering tool will allow Renault to validate quickly, in a repetitive and reliable manner, the filling performances of its new vehicles.

One of the latest innovation of Filling | Sealing in the fields of service, RapidDiag® is a complete and autonomous data acquisition system for filling machines; it fits in a case and can be plugged in a machine, even in operation.

To facilitate the first use of RapidDiag® by the customer, Fives’ service team spent 2 days at Guyancourt plant to train Renault’s technical operators. During the practical sessions, operators tested RapidDiag® in real time, connecting it to the machines installed in the plant.Thanks to RapidDiag®, customers optimize their maintenance costs and the global performance of their installations, while getting more flexibility.

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